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The journey of a landlord is often a bumpy ride to say the least. Both tenants and buildings can be good, bad and sometimes have difficulties. Here are the services we offer landlords to smooth out some of those bumps! (Dont forget, Gurus are Multiskilled so can deal with a number of trades in one visit)

  • Free initial maintenance survey for landlords, identifying potential issues before they become problems.

  • Quick response times for priority repair work, keeping your tenants happy.

  • Rapid turnaround for dilapidation work and between tenancy repairs / tidy-ups, maximising occupancy.

  • Flexible pricing: Hourly for smaller tasks, daily for prebooked work, and fully priced for larger projects.

  • End and mid tenancy inspections and inventory, effectively protecting your assets and revenues.

Let Guru tell you a story about a wise Landlord.....

A landlord had a tenant that vacated and he had to prepare the property for new occupants. He noted from his inspection and inventory that the tenants had allowed leaves and fallen fruit from the trees to sit all over the large garden from last autumn, on long uncut grass. They had left an old wardrobe and other old furniture in the garage. The driveway had large unsightly oil spots on it. The toilet seat was damaged and tap was dripping in the bathroom. Some tiles needed replacing, and the shower needed re-grouting. The hallway light fitting was broken and the back door key had been lost, Some of the walls looked a bit grubby and there was some mildew in the bay window..... This is all typical stuff right? We know this all sounds familiar to you!

Sure, some of these tasks could be regarded as wear and tear, and some costs could be recovered from the outgoing tenants deposit, but this all needs to be put right before potential tenants are engaged.


So this Landlord now had to source and rely on the services of EIGHT DIFFERENT TRADESPEOPLE: A gardener, a rubbish clearance firm, a plumber, an electrician ,

a tiler, a locksmith, a damp specialist and a decorator to make this house lettable again.

That's EIGHT points of contact, EIGHT conversations or emails, EIGHT meetings at the house, EIGHT estimates, EIGHT invoices and EIGHT payments to make. Definately eight times the hassle!


Instead this landlord wisely contacted Home & Garden Guru who were able to solve all of these problems for him with ONE call, ONE point of contact, ONE meeting, ONE reasonable invoice and only ONE payment to make.

Saving time and ultimately money!


(OK, you might get lucky and convince the plumber to do some tiling for you, but we suspect you get the point of the story).