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20140426_174150 20140426_113623

Refinishing some garden furniture for Fiona, in Isleworth.

Quality wooden garden furniture is worth the investment, as if looked after it should last for decades. Don't throw it away just because it's faded or stained. Wow, look at the transformation.

20160803_173602 20160810_192936 20160816_173300 20170220_172225 20170208_164509 20160801_181628

A bathroom refit  for Mrs P's Victorian villa, in Twickenham.

We replaced the bathtub with a 1.5m low threshold shower for accessability and added a victorian style basin, antique mirror and some vintage look cabinets.

20160905_101930 20160905_165148 20160906_163741

An access ramp for Mrs T, in Shepperton.

Mrs T was finding it a challenge getting into her garden due to an unsuitably small step by her back door. We created a sturdy and attractive timber ramp clad with anti-slip decking planks. So impressed was Mrs T that she had us build another ramp for the front door.

Julie wardrobe 8 Julie wardrobe 2 Julie wardrobe 7 Julie wardrobe 6 Julie wardrobe 3 Julie wardrobe 1

A walk in wardrobe for Julie (but not for Andy), in Hersham.

Julie asked us to design and custom build this great walk in wardrobe: with over five linear metres of hanging space, adjustable shelves and the perfect size easy glide drawers.

Fiona grass 2 20170607_174316 20170607_151238

Artificial grass for Fiona in Isleworth.

Fiona was finding it difficult to effectively clear the fine fallen leaves from her slate chipped surface.

We fitted a high quality artificial lawn, which can be easily swept or blown and looks fantastic all year round.

Much of the effort on this project is in the ground works and preparation, so simply isn't seen at the end.

Our pictures don't show all the stages of ground work.

20170214_094843_002 20170215_172854

Garage door painting for Kerry in Shepperton. This whole facade was looking really tired. We refeshed the whole look with a lot of preparation and a modern paint colour.

20170109_095513 20170109_095521 20170111_165533 Matts WC 1 Matts WC 2 Matts WC 3 Matts WC 4 Matts WC 5 Matts WC 6

A total refit of Matt's downstairs WC in his rental

property in Sunbury on Thames.

Matt had a chronic mildew problem caused initially

by cold bridging condensation, although there

were a number of underlying issues; a leaky

overflow outside, lack of ventilation and insulation.

During the process we also identified a leaky pipe under the floor.

After both of the leaks were fixed, the walls were internally insulated, drylined and repainted.

We added proper ventilation, some great looking flooring, and a new vanity unit and toilet.

Solving problems like this can take patience, as time must be allowed for drying out, once you have implemented any fixes.



20170906_183607 20170905_123018 20170905_190715 20170920_105426

A new garage facade for Fiona in Isleworth.

Fionas garage hasn't been used conventionally as a garage for years. As it's in her back garden, and visible from the house, she wanted it to look more attractive.

We removed the metal garage door and built a chalet stlye timber clad facade and painted it a cool sage green colour. As you can see it's now very easy on the eyes.



20170811_174841 20170810_095208 20170817_155030 VR Wardrobe 3 VR Wardrobe 1 VR Wardrobe 2

A new fitted wardrobe for Eleanor and Gavin, in Hersham.

Their challenge was fitting enough wardrobe space along a wall with a wide chimmney breast located on it. We created an elegant wardrobe that maximised on the available space.



20150630_094354 20150701_165506 20150702_130038 20150702_172726

An entertaining area for Kerry in Shepperton.

Kerry wanted to dispose of an old shed that was falling down and in it's place have a practical area for relaxing, entertaining, summer dining and barbecues.

We cleared the area and built a beautiful timber deck with some fencing for privacy. This versatile space makes use of a bright sunny part of Kerrys garden.

As the timber weathers; the decking can be cleaned and oiled to bring back its lusture, and the fencing stained or painted.




20140626_161829 20140626_102046 20140626_151151

A clean driveway for Fiona in Isleworth.

We pressure washed the block paving, de-weeded and treated oil spots, and the result is amazing.

This is a task that can be carried out annually on most stone paving, slabs and timber surfaces to keep it looking fresh.



20141031_125254 20141031_125512 new kitchen new living room

A complete refurb for Mr N's rental house in Twickenham.

We fitted a great quality contemporary kitchen with solid Oak worktops and herringbone pattern flooring. The main reception room had some smart flooring, new sockets and a designer radiator fitted. The whole house was then painted to a high standard. You won't find any Magnolia walls and shiny white woodwork here!


Due to the finish and quality of this refurbishment, shortly after completion, this fantastic looking house set a new rental ceiling price for three bed houses in the local area. Success all round!